2017 Global Training Program


January 16th Practical communication course

Today Joshua Bihary gave a great presentation on the history of Boston and the causes of the American Revolutionary War. The presentation was very thorough and when the students travel to Boston this spring, they will able to connect locations, buildings and historical events to this presentation as they follow the freedom trail.

After the presentation, the students were able to watch a short video showing modern Boston and some of the landmarks which they will have a chance to visit. The students enjoyed the presentation and are looking forward to the next presentation on February 17th.


Jan 8th Practical communication course

Today we had our second visit from two native teachers from the US and UK respectively. Our two groups of students have pre-pared some homework and preparation for a presentation about their future dreams and goals for their trip to America.

The small groups of students warmed up with an ice-breaker activity and several brief discussions. The students' ability has improved since their last meeting and at the end of the lesson, the students presented their Individual Presentations. They did an excellent job.

Students are looking forward to a lecture on the history of Boston at our next meeting, on January 16th.


Global Training Program, December 20th 2017 Orientation

Today students gathered to hear a special lecture from Mr. Ono, a history teacher at Rakuhoku. The students were very interested in listening to a brief history of the United States of America, from it's European Discovery and founding of the English colonies, through the revolutionary war, until recent times. Some of the keystone moments include the Declaration of independence, the civil war, the transcontinental railroad, involvement in WW1, slavery and the civil rights movement. We'd like to thank Mr. Ono for his wonderful presentation.

As we begin our winter break for the New Year, the Global Jinzai participants received some homework to do some research about America's history, as well as continue preparation for their January presentations. We look forward to our next meeting on January 8th.


The third orientation: Practical communication course

On November 11th, we had a visit from two native teachers from the US and UK respectively. They hosted a workshop on Identity, Career goals and expectations for our upcoming study trip to the USA.

After a brief introduction, the students were separated into two groups. The small students warmed up with an ice-breaker activity and brief discussion about their favorite Japanese Traditions and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Teachers provided the students with plenty of speaking opportunities. After the warm up discussion, students discovered that they have many positive characteristics and had a good time speaking in English.

After a short break, the teachers led the students in another small group discussion, about the benefits of studying abroad, the reasons the students decided to join the "Global Jinzai" program and finally their future dreams, and how they might achieve them. The students discussed these topics actively, without fear of making mistakes.

Towards the end of the lesson, the students were presented with a winter homework challenge, and given some time to begin preparing for their Individual Presentations on January 8th. The students are looking forward to our next meeting on December 20th


The 2nd Orientation: Practical communication course.

On October 7th, Professor Hiroyuki Nishida visited and taught a "practical communication course".

He taught from various viewpoints in order to show us the kind of communication skills we need to have in order to communicate practically. Students learned about how to receive and transmit ideas as well as skills for presentation. Additionally, students became aware of the fact that communication has elements other than words. The students were able to successfully realize how important elements other than words are through games and workshops.

At the end, everyone gave a presentation utilizing what they had learned and everyone was able to make a dignified and remarkably persuasive presentation, while consciously using the professor's advice. The students showed great improvement over their first presentations at the beginning of the course.

The students will be able to make what they gained today their own, by applying and repeating these techniques in their future lives. The students are looking forward to the next presentation on November 11th.

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