General Humanities and Science Course


General Humanities and Science Course ~Extending academic achievement~

Aiming for Intellectual Fulfillment!
To leap further forward:

Regardless of one's interest in science or humanities, students can experience sophisticated learning in order to realize his or her interests, and career desires. Rakuhoku offers an elective unit system that allows students to select subjects to study according to their interests and the course requirement.

In the first year, students learn common subjects and establish strong basic foundations.
In the second year, students select science or humanities subjects according to their course.
In the third year, in addition to the standard course selection, students will select subjects that further enhance themselves and help foster applied skills.

○ Suitable for entrance into high level universities and medical schools.
○ Implementation of 7th period classes, Saturday seminars and Career learning etc...
○ Deepening knowledge through collaboration with high ranking universities
○ Taking part in various challenges and contests
○ Active engagement in club activities

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