Integrated Middle and High School Education


History Leading to Rakuhoku's Integrated Middle and High School Education

Rakuhoku High School was opened as a Kyoto prefectural Junior High School in December 1870. It is the oldest junior high school in Japan.
Later, it was renamed Kyoto Prefectural Kyoto Daiichi Junior High School. In April 1954, it was again renamed to the current Kyoto Prefectural Rakuhoku High School.
During this time, Rakuhoku has produced many notable figures, beginning with two Nobel Prize winners, Hideki Yukawa and Shin-ichiro Tomonaga. One after another we have sent out prominent figures who take on leadership roles in various fields.
Most recently, in April 2004, we gained an attached junior high school and have since started to engrave a new history of integrated middle and high school education.

The Aim of Rakuhoku High School's Integrated Mid-to-High Education

Based on long history and tradition, the aims of consistent middle and high school education are to cultivate the students' ability to fulfill their lives, to enrich each individual's sensitivity, to develop individuality and to foster talent through 6 years of consistent education. The young people who are living in 21st century society will be required to act on their own initiative. It is necessary for them to have deep insight and be able to see the essence of things. They will need a sharp logical thinking and problem solving skills as well as rich creativity to open up the future. At Rakuhoku, we set up a curriculum for acquiring these skills. As always, Rakuhoku faculty and staff will continue working with full power.

Philosophy of Mid-to-High Education

Educational goal
Training students to have high intelligence, developing a rich sensitivity towards humanity, and giving them a strong will to open up the future.
The Strength We Want to Raise
Deep insight, logical thinking ability, rich creativity
The Student Image We Strive for
Students who have great aspirations to fly out into the world.
Students who are intellectually balanced and courteous.
Students with strong minds.
Acquiring the basic skills of natural science will allow students to take the initiative and lead in the 21st century, no matter what field they choose after graduation. Students will be familiar with natural science in the continuing education for 6 years and deepen their understanding of scientific ways of thinking and their ways of learning.
For this reason, we have made the basic concept of Mid-High School Education "SCIENCE". Following this concept, we will develop distinctive educational activities.
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