Educational Objective・ Educational Policy


1 Educational Objective

Fostering self-confidence, creativity and independence in students.

2 Educational Policy

Attached Junior High School
(1) We aim for enhancement and improvement of academic ability and growth of personality via thorough fundamentals and strong foundations.
(2) To foster interests and a desire to learn, and to develop self-motivation and self-awareness.
(3) To help students realize their abilities and aptitudes, interests, and nurture their ability to select their own paths on their own initiative.
(4) To develop skills and abilities that can allow students to correctly understand human rights issues and solve problems.
(5) To foster favorable human relationships and establish a self-disciplined life.
(6) To develop qualities and abilities that aid in the development of broad perspectives and life with people of different cultures.
High School
(1) To aim for the improvement of academic ability and individual growth in addition to striving for strong foundations.
(2) To realize our individual student's career hopes and dreams.
(3) To raise awareness of human rights and to develop practical attitudes which show respect for oneself and others.
(4) To help students acquire disciplined and responsible attitudes while cultivating a voluntary spirit.
(5) To develop the qualities and behavioral abilities to live in an international society.
(6) To develop the ability and attitude to learn throughout life.
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