Stanford e-Japan (SPICE) program 2021 Spring オンライン講座・個人研究概要報告


スタンフォード大学のオンライン講座Stanford e-Japanの本校受講生1名が2021年度春学期を修了しました。当該受講生が、①オンライン講座のテーマや進め方、②個人研究の概要、③講座を修了しての所感を寄稿してくれましたので、是非ご一読ください。

Stanford e Japan


  First of all, I explain the flow of the course.The right chart shows the flow. As it shows, in this program, we repeat the cycle ten times. We have an assignment a week. The content is that we watch a lecture by a professor about 20 minutes, answer some questions about the contents, and write opinions. The topics of the assignments are American culture,society, discrimination, and so on. It usually takes me about five hours to finish the assignment.
  Next, we have to post our opinions about the topics on discussion board. We are given some detailed themes to talk on the board. We have to post our opinions three times at least at a discussion. So, usually there are more than 100 posts on the board a discussion.
  In a class, a professor teaches us American culture, society, discrimination, and so on carefully online. We take the lecture an hour of 90 minutes and then we discuss the topic of the class. After a class, we can chat about individuals, or the class. Finally, we choose interesting topic and write final paper.

  I researched discrimination as my topic of final paper. The reason I chose the topic is that I was interested in discrimination especially in America on the course. Before I participate this course,I'm not interested in discrimination at all. I think the most of you are so. I will introduce parts of my paper.    ・Environment
  These are causes of discrimination I thought. Firstly, I think our environment has influence on us, for example, parents, friends, and so on. When you are young, if you hear someone discriminate something regularly, you have discrimination unconsciously. And, you have bias even after you became adult. In terms of history, white people controlled black people for a long time. Now that these discriminations seem to have disappear, but even now they continue to happen,especially in America. For examples, American policemen killed innocent black people and were not arrested legally. Finally, I want to introduce an experiment that shows influence of society. After children listen to a story of a wise person, they answered whether the person is a man or woman. The result is that the number of men and women are the almost same in five years old, but the number of men many more than women in six years old. The reason, I think, there are bias that men are wiser than women, because there are many novels whose main character is a man. I think there are many other reasons. That is the rough contents of my final paper.


  I had a lot of fun in the course, and I got real of my situation. Participants'levels were very high, so I could develop myself. I recommend you join in the course if you are interested in even a little.

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