A sunny Saturday morning set the scene for the 22nd annual Cosmos Cup for Junior High students. Held at Sagano High School early on September 9th, this contest saw eight finalists representing various different Kyoto Junior High Schools come to show their English skills.


Cosmos Cup is an English story-telling contest. Students are given a story they have never seen before, and, with only twenty minutes of preparation, are asked to read it out loud in four minutes or less. The students' accuracy and pronunciation are not the only things taken into account! As well as English mechanics, the judges also look for the rhythm of the speech and the passion and emotion put into the words. Not only does English fluency matter, the ability to appropriately perform in English is equally important.


Members of the Sagano High School English Speaking Society also assisted. Four students volunteered their time to share their love of learning English with the Junior High students and help the judges and teachers in running the contest. Duties of these students included reading each contestant's introduction, helping guide contestants between their different rooms, and chatting with the contestants to calm their nerves. With the assistance of these Sagano students, the contest ran smoothly.


Judges were members of the Sagano English staff, as well as Vice Principal Shibata Mika. Every student did a fantastic job, and the judges were all very impressed at the English abilities of the students. When it was all over, however, there were only four contestants who left with a prize.


Best Performance Prize:              Miss Sakurai, Saikyo High School Affiliated Junior High

Outstanding Performance Prize: Miss Takahashi, Shijo Junior High

Good Performance Prize:            Miss Takeuchi, Shijo Junior High

Honorable Mention:                    Miss Misaki, Seika Nishi Junior High



優秀賞: 高橋さん【京都市立四条中学校】


奨励賞: 竹内さん【京都市立四条中学校】

努力賞: 三崎さん【精華町立精華西中学校】

Congratulations to our winners, and congratulations to all our contestants!




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