Sagano High School - Spring Semester 2019

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Spring was beautiful at Sagano High School and there are many exciting things that happened. Here is a review of all of the best parts of the spring time in English!

Opening ceremony and the start of the year

The semester began on April 8th with the opening ceremony as well as the school entrance ceremony for the new incoming freshmen. Luckily the cherry blossoms were still blooming so the day was beautiful! 

The students who went to Quebec in Canada reported on their research trip to the current students. They participated in the trip during spring break and learned all about forestry practices in Canada as well as taught students about forestry issues in Japan. 


Step up Seminar and Camp Days

Next, as classes began, each grade prepared for their special study days and events. The freshmen students always have a special Step-Up Seminar where they get up to speed with everything they need to know to study here at Sagano. The 2nd year students went to Omori camp in the mountains of Kyoto and had a fantastic day team-building and barbecuing! The seniors went to Kobe and learned as they explored. It was a fantastic time!


Library Concerts and Performances

The library is always having special performances and concerts!! There were music performances that brought in such an amazing crowd! Why don’t you come by the library to enjoy their special performances and then check out a good book in English while you are there?


Special Guests from Indonesia and Singapore

This year we welcomed new guests from BPK Penabur schools in Indonesia and welcomed back our friends from Hai Sing Catholic School in Singapore. BPK Penabur students attended classes on one day and for presentations the next day and had fun sharing their culture and learning about Japanese culture from our students. Hai Sing students also attended classes and taught us all about Singapore and we had fun with them sharing our Japanese culture. So many smiles and such a great time!


Sagano Global Presentation

Again for the 5th year we held the Sagano Global Presentations. All of the classes 1-6 seniors did their final presentations from their year-long research projects. We had superb presentations in so many various subjects, from literature and math to culture and global environmental issues. Even our special guests from BPK Penabur schools in Indonesia and Hai Sing Catholic School in Singapore presented their research. It was an amazingly educational day!



Saying Goodbye

One of our AET teachers will be returning to Canada this August. We wished her goodbye at the closing ceremony!  Thank you for everything! We will miss you!


There were so many more things that happened in the spring, but we hope this covered some of the events of interest! Now it’s on to summer and so many things are happening here at Sagano, we are sure there will be a lot to talk about this fall!!