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Arian Eshtehardian 挨拶文


Hello! My name is Arian Eshtehardian and I am from London. While I grew up in England, I am of Iranian-Lithuanian heritage and have also lived in Sweden, France, Norway, and Scotland. I have never been to Japan before, and I am very excited to discover all I can about its people, history, and culture. I feel extremely lucky for the opportunity to teach here at Higashi-Uji Senior High School, and cannot wait to discover the numerous opportunities that Uji, Kyoto, and the Kansai region has to offer. I eagerly look forward to sharing my passion for multicultural exchange with students and staff alike throughout my time here at Higashi-Uji.

Arian Eshtehardian 挨拶文 和訳(多少意訳しています)




Hello, everyone! My name is Clarisa Legaspi and I'm a Filipino-American AET from San Diego, California. San Diego, widely known as "America's Finest City," is famous for its white-sand beaches and amazing weather all throughout the year. Before moving to Japan, I taught beginner to advanced English at an international language school in San Diego, including a Business English class and a Marketing Advertising English class. My favorite part of my job was learning about the different cultures of my students because they came from all over the world (France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea and Japan to name a few).

Now more than ever in a globalized world, being able to communicate in English is extremely important and advantageous from an academic, professional and personal standpoint. English helps better connect us with one another and provides more opportunities in life. I'm here to show you that learning English is not only useful for your future but is also a lot of fun! I look forward to bringing my teaching experience and positive energy to Higashiuji Senior High School. Let's have a great time together!

Clarisa Legaspi  挨拶文 和訳(多少意訳しています)

Outline of Higashiuji Senior High School


Address  43-2 Hirao, Kohata, Uji City, Kyoto,Japan

      Postal Code : 611-0002

Phone   0774- 32-6390

Fax    0774-32-6371

GENERAL INFORMATION (location,history, etc.)


Kyoto Prefectural Higashiuji Senior High School is located in the north of Uji City, which adjoins Kyoto City. It is a full-time upper secondary institute established in 1974. Ever since its beginning, Higashiuji Senior High School has been educating students to be mentally and physically healthy, spontaneous, creative and practical.
There are three points which are stressed at this high school; high academic standards, self-discipline and the assistance of students in reaching their career goals.
Beginning in 1981, Higashiuji Senior High School has provided the community with open lectures. We are among the first high schools in Kyoto Prefectureto initiate this kind of program. Also, other school facilities such as the school grounds, gymnasium, and school library are regularly open to the public.



There are 32 lessons per week,but the students in the Advanced Track and some in the General Track, take one extra lessons a week. These students are trying their hardest to pass examinations to enter universities. Those students in the standard and advanced level English courses take more hours of English classes. Also, these students may participate in classes which include various activities such as creating an English language newspaper



The school festival and Sports Day are in September. In February, the school marathon takes place. Boys run 16 kilometers and girls run 14 kilometers. The second graders have excursions to Taiwan, Australia or Hokkaido.



【Sports】 Baseball, Football, Track and Field, Basketball, Badminton, Soft Tennis, Japanese Archery, Tennis,Volleyball

【Culture】Brass Band, Arts and Crafts, Tea Ceremony, Drama, Radio Broadcasting, Literature, Calligraphy, International Communication



Audio-visual room, language laboratory, computer room, music room, 2 gymnasiums, playing fields, tennis courts, broadcasting room, fine arts room, home economics room and library.



_DSC5895 (287x430).jpgMarvin Dimatulac:

Hello everyone! My name is Marvin Dimatulac and I am from the Philippines. I have been living in Japan for about 5 years now and I used to live and work in Ibaraki Prefecture as an English conversation teacher. I really love to travel and experience local Japanese culture and so far, I have already traveled in 28 prefectures including Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, and Yamagata. Moving to Kyoto and working for Higashi Uji High school has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I am looking forward to working with you all and rest assured that I will give my best as your cultural ambassador to help students broaden their views and enhance their dreams through cultural exploration.

 みなさん、こんにちは。フィリピン出身のMarvin Dimatulacと申します。日本に住んで約5年になりますが、以前は茨城県に住んで英会話の先生として働いていました。私は旅をして現地の日本文化を体験することが本当に好きで、これまでに青森、岩手、宮城、福島、山形など28県を旅してきました。京都に引っ越してきて、東宇治高校で働いたことは、これまでに経験した中で最もやりがいのある経験の一つです。生徒たちが文化を探求することで視野を広げ、夢を膨らませることができるよう、文化大使として最善を尽くします。


Alex Longthorne:

Hello! I am Alex Longthorne from Liverpool,England and I have been living in Kyoto since August. It has been a pleasure meeting the staff and students of Higashi-Uji Senior High School over the pasttwo months, as well as discovering the wide range of incredible experience savailable in the Kansai region. I taught English in South Korea for two years,lived in America for four months and I have traveled to twenty-three countries so far. I hope I can share my enthusiasm for global culture with my studentsand I look forward to learning more about their passions and interests over thecourse of my time in Japan.

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