Special VIP visitors from Singapore and Brunei!


On May 22nd we had special VIP guests from Singapore and Brunei come to Sagano High School. From Singapore came one principal and 7 vice principals and from Brunei one vice principal. They were from so many different schools but they all had chosen to focus their studies on the educational system of Japan. Therefore we were very happy to introduce them to the Japanese public school system here at Sagano High School.

We had a question and answer session with our school administration as well as with Sagano teachers. Then they attended our 2nd year Science English class. Class 2-8 students were explaining about Environmental Problems in Japan. The VIPs all seemed to have a very nice time and we were so happy to have them. They even brought us some souvenirs from Singapore! We hope they left with a good impression of education in Kyoto and in Japan!