Wachi Ninngyojoruri

"Wachi Ninngyojoruri" is practiced every Tuseday.
"Ningyojoruri" needs three parts.
"Ningyo" manipulate a puppet.
"Shamisen" play the shamisen.
"Katari" take the story.
You can chose one part.
All parts are difficult, but they are very interesting.
If you are interested in Japanese culture, let's play "Ningyojoruri" together.

Wachi daiko

Wachi daiko is practiced every Tuesday.
We practice it to show a greate performance in our school festival .
Two taiko masters teach us how to play.
We enjoy practicing Wachi daiko.
We welcome beginners.

I have played "Wachi daiko" since I was eight years old.
It's difficult to harmonize kodaiko with odaiko.
but if we can do so, we become happy very much.
"Wachi daiko" has many songs.


Wachizemi class is held every Wednesday.
We have several theme.
If you want to know something, We can research them in the class.
We will give presentaitions to report what we learned on November 14th.

We enjoy Wachizemi.
I'm reserching population in Wachi.
It's difficult for me to write a report.
But it's fun to know a lot.
I enjoy reading reports of my friends.

baseball club

Wachi junior high school has baseball club.
We practice baseball to win summer competition.
Our baseball club practices baseball four days a week in our wide ground.
There are good bat and good pitching machine.

badminton club

Our badminton club practices five days a week.
We enjoy it!
We take part in Prefectural competition every year.
We practice hard for it. If you are interested, come to the badminton club.

Free sports club

We practice volleyball,table tennis and basketball
There are seven mambers
Everyone enjoys all sports and they are all friendly

sport festival

Every year, we have sport festival in September.
There are various competition.
We did the bar pulling for the first time this year. We got very excited.
Junior high school sport festival is fun.

school festival

Every year, we have a school festival in October.
We practice hard in the chorus .
3rd graders have a drama.
Elementary school students come and enjoy our school festival, but this year they couldn't come to our school festival.
I think that school festival was hard but fun.

school trip

We have a school trip for three days in Nagasaki.
We learnd peace and Atomic bomb and history of Nagasaki.
We saw beautiful night view.
This school trip was very good experience.