Contact Information

 Address : 2105 Iwakurahataeda-cho Sakyo-ku Kyoto Japan
 Postal Code : 606-0015
 Phone : 075-701-2900
 FAX : 075-722-8400


About Hokuryo High School

 Kyoto Prefectural Hokuryo Senior High School is located in the north of Kyoto City. It is a full-time upper secondary institute established in 1979. We place a large emphasis on international education, environmental education, and expression activities. We have a lot of club activities, kendo, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, soccer, rugby, baseball, tennis, track & field, handball, bike racing, broadcasting, tea ceremony, play, shogi (Japanese chess), Igo, astronomy, geoscience, brass band, art, photography, ESS, and competitive karuta.

Academic Information

 We have three courses: the English course, the science course and the general course. There are 32 or 33 classes per week, and the students in the English courses have many chances to communicate with students of other countries, those in the science course have many chances to study math and science, and those in the general course have chances to choose from various fields of subjects such as Reading English composition, math practice, food design and sports.

Special Programs

 The English course has classes such as Active English, Listening, and special English, which focus on practical English. The science course has classes which focus on the environment and scientific thinking.

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