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Kyoto Prefectural

Nishiotokuni Senior High School

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This school was established in 1984, 1,200 years after the transfer of Japan's capital from Nagaokakyo, and is an independent general curriculum school that will reach its 38th year this year. The school is located in the southwest region of Nagaokakyo City, an area rich in nature and surrounded by groves of bamboo, and it has produced over 10,000 graduates who have gone on to become active in various places, fields and domains.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has run rampant across the world, and it is difficult to predict how it will affect education initiatives from here on. Despite these circumstances, we will work to perform measures against the spread of the virus, based on the "new mode of living", and make use of digital communication technologies to maintain a fulfilling senior high school life for students.

Starting with the new students entering this year, the Pioneer Course, Academic Course and Global Course that continued up until last year will be reorganized into the International Studies Course and the International Advanced Course. Various education initiatives will be carried out, including school events, club activities and student council activities that are based on the characteristics of each course and there will also be extra lessons on Saturdays, after school and during long-term vacations. Through these education initiatives, we wish to allow students to acquire an attitude for proactive learning, cultivate their dreams, develop their personality and competencies, and grow to become individuals who can contribute to society.

Kyoto Prefectural

Nishiotokuni Senior High School

Principle HASEGAWA Taizo

Educational Objectives

To cultivate innovation and strength in the spirits of our students that can promise peace and progression towards a new era.

Educational Policies

1 Our school will inspire hope, passion, ingenuity and soul.

2 Our school will enrich and expand the knowledge of each student to ensure bright futures.

3 Our school will cultivate the spiritual, mental, and physical strength, and health of our students.

The kinds of students we aim to produce


Our youth will build the future. Our youth have high aspirations and the power to soar and break around in unknown fields.


 "Comfort breeds complacency, which diminishes the zest for life." We will encourage students to powerfully and bravely discipline their own strong bodies and motivations.


 Aristotle said, "Man is by nature a social animal." We aim to help the next generation build a foundation with the capacity to love and the ability to put themselves in other people's shoes.


Nishiotokuni Senior High School has become the fourth school in Kyoto Prefecture to be certified as a UNESCO School by UNESCO and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Nishiotokuni Senior High School "Education for Sustainable Development"

The Nishiotsu ESD 5 Aspects: human rights, peace, equality, cross-cultural understanding, environmental protection

Target model student

1 A person who can empathize with other people

2 A person who has their own ideas and can express them

3 A person who can put the knowledge they've learned at senior high school into practice after graduation

SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals): There are 17 areas in which to set SDG goals to achieve the happiness of everyone around the world. In order to realize these goals, it goes without saying that consistent efforts are required. At Nishiotokuni Senior High School, as a stepping stone to those goals, we're advancing ESD by prioritizing the 5 Aspects. Students will learn about them comprehensively, as they cross over into all classes. We're also establishing as many opportunities as possible to present results. As a student at a UNESCO School, we hope that you will make use of such knowledge even after graduation and become an individual active in a wide range of fields.

School Features

1 2 courses

Striving for excellence and deepening understanding

International Advanced Course (Advanced class)

This course aims to nurture individuals so that they acquire a deep and broad understanding and advanced knowledge and academic ability, maintain a global sensibility and outlook, and manifest solutions to the various issues faced by the world.

  • Students will undergo a high level of study that goes beyond the foundations and their subjects will support their desire to advance onto elite universities.
  • Separated into the humanities and sciences from the second year.
  • The sciences will involve an international education. Students will acquire a more enriched international way of thinking. The humanities will aim to improve English ability through specialized English classes.
  • Students will further their studies through Saturday classes (required) and increase their academic ability.
  • Students will also perform university admission common tests and take measures for private university regular entrance exams and secondary tests of national and public universities.

Foundations and cultivation

International Studies Course (Basic class)

This course aims to nurture individuals so that they acquire extensive education and knowledge as well as academic ability that opens up new possibilities for their lives, maintain a global sensibility and outlook, and challenge themselves to solve the various issues that exist around them.

  • Studies will focus on the foundations.
  • Through an international education, students will acquire a more enriched international way of thinking that applies to the society of the future.
  • Students will take subjects that prepare them for entrance exams to universities and other schools, with the goal of advancing their education.
  • Through participation in Saturday classes (which are encouraged), students will gain study habits and academic abilities in self-study practice courses and development courses.
  • Students will attend tours of universities and other schools (2 years) and take measures for private university integrated selections (AO entrance exams) and exams for selected candidates.

2 High quality classes in a calm environment.

 Supplementary Lessons on Saturdays, Supplementary Lessons after school, Study Camp, Individual Lessons, etc.

3 Enhanced international education.

 Overseas study tour (2nd years: Taiwan)

 Acceptance of groups from overseas visiting Japan (America, China, Taiwan, Thailand, etc.)

 Enhancement of overseas study (short-term / long-term) programs in the US

English Camp

4 School events, club activities and student council activities that cultivate abundant humanity are active.

 Annual School Events

Welcome Assembly1, School Excursion, Ball Game Day2, Culture Festival3, Athletic Meet, Hyakunin-isshu Competition4, etc.


1 Welcome Assembly

an assembly held to welcome 1st year students to familiarize them with new school life, events, and club activities

2 Ball Game Day

a school event in which all students enjoy volleyball matches as members of their class for the purpose of team building among classmates

3 Culture Festival

one of the biggest events in the second term, in which all the classes and some cultural clubs do stage performances and exhibit works of art, research papers, etc.

4 Hyakunin-isshu Competition

a school event in which all the 1st and 2nd year students compete with each other in the game of Hyakunin-isshu, a card game in which the players try to match the first and second halves of each of the One Hundred Tanka Poems by One Hundred Celebrated Poets

Club Activities

Sports Clubs

Baseball Club, Track and Field Club, Soccer Team, Handball Club, Tennis Club, Japanese Archery Club, Volleyball Club, Basketball Club, Badminton Club, Table Tennis Club, Hiking Club

Cultural Clubs

Broadcasting Club, Brass Band, Drama Club, Photography Club, Fine Art Club, Science Club, Literary Club, Tea Ceremony Club, English Speaking Society, Computer Club

Students Council Activities

Volunteer work for local communities such as local cleaning projects,

Friendliness Campaign, etc.

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