Science club


Each group of physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, math and competition science set their own research themes. They are as follows.

Physics team

Dehydrating Science, The Verification of the Mpemba Effect, Milk Crown experiment

Chemistry team

The Research Related to Scientific Phenomena (Research of the strength and the temperature of soap bubbles)

Biology team

Skeletal Specimens, Making of Transparent Specimens

Earth science team

Making of Rock Pieces etc.

Math team

We are exposed to math and computer by searching the Volume of an n-ball, reading books and so on.

Competitive science team

We hold seminars to get a good score at science contests.

Club policy

Through the natural phenomenon of daily lives, we set the themes because of what we wonder about and what we are interested in. Also we widely send the results of our studies to society.

Recent activity achievements

2017 Activities Achievement
The 36th Kinki Comprehensive Cultural Festival incentive award in Hyogo

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